Our Locations

Greencell Kings Hill

We occupy modern, efficient offices in Kings Hill, only 40 minutes by train from central London . From here we manage all sales, procurement and administrative functions ( that’s also where your money goes to or comes from! ).

Greencell Spalding

“Holly Lodge” Packhouse, Ripening and Warehouse

We have our own Dedicated Distribution Centre in Spalding, in the heart of the 青岛红心etable garden of England , from where our nationwide distribution is efficiently organised. We operate our Packhouse and Warehouse facilities on site, in addition to hosting our technical and exotics procurement departments.

A complete range of production formats is provided, such as: Citrus Giro packs, Poly-bagging and Flow wrapping.  We are also able to develop packaging to meet your specific requirements, including the use of biodegradable packaging material.

Spalding also houses our Ripening and Conditioning section, one of our most specialist areas, allowing us to confidently deliver triggered to fully ripened fruit to our customers specification.

  • Precise storage and distribution temperature management
  • Conditioning process -Humidity Ripen by varying time and temperature
  • 850 m2 Conventional Packhouse
  • 155 m2 Organic Packhouse
  • 1000 Pallet Chilled Storage

Greencell IT Systems

Thanks to the use of the latest ‘state of the art’ computer systems, all our registered users have live access to all available business information. Our commitment to R&D ensure that new applications are successfully introduced; on line ordering in addition to on-line real time QC data are just two examples. Our embracing of technology for business benefit allows us to communicate fast and efficiently with our suppliers and customers.

Non-Destructive Testing

As you would expect, at Greencell we use the latest non–destructive ripeness testing technology inspection and reporting on the quality of produce. Our state-of-the-art Aweta machine is probably the most effective piece of equipment currently available for this purpose, combining both acoustic resonance and near infrared technology to ensure that our customers strict demands are met at all times.